Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bot Ezra

Bot Ezra@ 1.33 (Using CPF for short or medium term)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sold Ausgrp

Sold Ausgrp@ 0.595 (Although I am still bullish about this one, contra period is up, will reenter in short term)

Bot Yanlord

Bot Yanlord @2.11 (breakout)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bot Ausgrp

Bot AusGrp@ 0.58

Bot Kep Corp

Bot Kep Corp@ 7.36 (breakaway gap)

Keppel Corp sell stake in SPC

Keppel sells entire stake in SPC to PetroChina for approximately S$1.47 billion
SINGAPORE, 24 May 2009 - Keppel Oil and Gas Services Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation Limited ("Keppel"), has entered into a conditional agreement to sell its entire 45.51% stake in the share capital (excluding treasury shares) of Singapore Petroleum Company Limited ("SPC") ("Sale Shares") to PetroChina International (Singapore) Pte Ltd ("Purchaser"), an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of PetroChina Company Limited ("PetroChina") via PetroChina International Company Ltd for a consideration of $6.25 per Sale Share or approximately S$1.47 billion, in cash, to be paid in full on completion. The sale of the Sale Shares is conditional upon the Purchaser obtaining the required approvals from the relevant authorities (including the relevant authorities from the People’s Republic of China).
Explaining the rationale for this disposal, Mr Choo Chiau Beng, CEO of Keppel, said, "Over the last 10 years, Keppel has grown SPC, establishing it as a reliable supplier of quality energy products while diversifying its businesses upstream into exploration and production.
"This divestment of our stake in SPC would enable Keppel to seize opportunities that would enhance value creation for shareholders."
PetroChina said, "After PetroChina International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. purchases the stake in SPC, SPC will become a new platform for the implementation of our international strategy and will provide a broader foundation and stable path for development."
Keppel and PetroChina also plan to explore opportunities in the offshore oil industry and in other areas of mutual benefit as such opportunities become available.
PetroChina is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. It is engaged in a broad range of oil and natural gas activities including the exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil and natural gas; refining, transportation, storage and marketing of crude oil and oil products; production and marketing of primary petrochemical products, derivative chemical products and other chemical products; and transportation of natural gas, crude oil and refined products.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sold Manhatten Res

Cut Manhatten Res@ 0.525 ( not holding any short term stocks now)

Sold Suntec Reits

Sold Suntec Reits@ 0.95 ( All market indexes look weak)

Sold OKP

Sold OKP@ 0.5 ( wasting my time, breakout nvr follow up, worry about Dow's shooting star)


Cut DBS@ 11.84 ( Gap covering, SSE weakening, Dow shooting star)

Cut Ezra

Sold Ezra@ 1.19 ( stupid news on share placement to investors)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Bot DBS@ 12.42 (breakaway gap + flag breakout)

Bot Ezra

Bot Ezra@ 1.29 (breakaway gap with morning star bottom reversal signal)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sold China Xlx

Sold China Xlx@ 0.445 ( Market weakened due to Ding Xie's effect? Take Profit first)

Bot Manhatten Res

Bot Manhatten Res@ 0.58 (breakout of flag)

Bot SuntecReits@ 0.915 (breakout of flag)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Bot OKP@ 0.545 (Flag breakout with high vol)

Sold Yanlord

Sold Yanlord@ 1.95 (Went for meeting cannot monitor so queue 6 bids above lunchtime price today and it was sold)

Sold Li Heng

Sold Li Heng@ 0.245 ( It is pathetic slow while other S-stocks are chionging, it stagnant there, going for meeting later so have to sell within contra period)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bot Yanlord

Bot Yanlord@ 1.74 (breakout and good Q1 result)

Sold CapitaMall

Sold CapitaMall@ 1.36 (last day of contra)

Friday, May 08, 2009

bot Li Heng

Bot Li Heng @ 0.24 (inverted head and shoulder)

Note: Not for contra as well!

Bot China XLX

Bot China XLX @0.43 (inverted head and shoulder)
Note: This is not for contra

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sold Noble

Sold Noble@ 1.73 (market closing, don't wish to hold overnight)

Still holding CapitaMall

Sold Suntec Reit

Sold Suntec Reit @ 0.815( flag target reached)

Bot Noble

Bot Noble Grp @1.68 (morning gap not cover, target 1.76)

Cut loss for Swiber

Cut Swiber @0.65 (Gap covering)

Live Trade!

Bot Swiber @ 0.695 (breakaway gap)

Live Trade

Bot SuntecReit @ 0.76
Bot CapitaMall @ 1.34

Shortlisted Counters for 7/5/2009

Current Price: 1.33
Target Price: 1.56
Cut loss Price: 1.27
Reason: breakout of flag

Current Price: 0.74
Target Price: 0.815
Cut loss Price: 0.735
Reason: breakout of flag